My Life Abroad

Sipping tea in Istanbul
Sipping tea in Istanbul

Sometimes, when the mood hits me, I simply write about what’s on my mind. These stories fall into a category all their own and are deserving of a space to be shared. I often find inspiration in some of the most unexpected places. These stories may not chronicle a “write of passage”, but they often consider the joys and trials of life abroad, or are simply food for personal thought. The links below will take you to some of my personal musings:

The Decision to Move Abroad


You’re Doing What!?

Bon Voyage!

Estamos Aqui!

Life in Barcelona

All Roads Lead To…

Bull Run of Another Kind

Luck Us, Unlucky Bird

Luck Be Three Ladies

Urban Oasis at 18, 4a

Root for the Home Team

Smiles from My Living Room


The Best is Yet to Come

Good Libations

Celebrating 28: Round 1

In A State of Transition

The Waiting

It’s Not Goodbye; It’s Hasta Luego

Mobile Home

Life Like A Rubik’s Cube

“Destination Known”

Personal Musings

Thin and Happy: It’s Not What You Think

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Those Who Matter Most

Por Fin!

Still Nervous on the First Day

Aprovecha al Maximo

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