¡Aprovecha Al Máximo!

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The new year has brought about an unexpected, yet very much welcomed, calm in my life. Yes, I realize we are well into 2012, but I can’t shake this feeling that great things are going to happen this year. It’s not a result of feeling empowered by successful commitment to a resolution (I never made one to begin with). It has nothing to do with signs or coincidences. It’s not even related to the ever elusive ideal of finding a good work-life balance (already have it!). It’s as simple as this…ever since the clock struck midnight on January 1, I have lived my life shrouded by a sense of calm spiked with a dash of an adventurous spirit.I might attribute my sense of ease to the fact that according to Chinese astrology, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Traditionally, dragons are a symbol of power and strength, and those lucky enough to be born under this sign are said to excel and achieve great success. They are “do-ers” and stand out in a crowd. Despite the fact that my zodiac is that of the boar, perhaps there is enough dragon power for everyone this year? Whatever the case, something has taken hold of me and I’m not letting go. I have taken charge of what’s ahead…friends, family, work, travel…and I’ve decided to make things happen.

Honestly, this is not a new outlook on life that I have suddenly embraced. It’s not an epiphone. Instead, it’s like a renaissance, a rebirth, a reawakening to all of things that are good, even great, in my life. Don’t get me wrong…I hadn’t forgotten my good fortune. My perspective had become only slightly dulled. With this new year, however, I have decided to “grab the bull by the horns” and unleash this enthusiasm within me.

The truth is, the ride has been a blast so far! I have met my new nephew and have spent quality time at home with family and friends for Christmas. Life in Barcelona, in short, has been a myriad of late nights and late-late nights with the girls and great friends, Barça games, beach picnics, weekend getaways, and discovering a host of favorite new restaurants and bars. School is, well, school but the students are amazing and I’m happy to be back with my middle school family. 🙂

As for the months ahead, who knows!? What I am certain of is that 2012, the Year of the Dragon, has lit a fire and my candle is burning from both ends!

My wish to you:
¡Que aproveche al máximo!

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