Bull Run of Another Kind

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Standing on top of the waterfall at Pantana de Sau.

I’ve always been known as Snow White; someone who seems to have a sixth sense for communicating with animals. A recent moto adventure, however, proved that even the fairytale princess has her limits.

Having recently earned his moto license and a month of vacation, Jeff is not willing to let a single moment go wasted. So, an impromptu camping trip was in order with our friends Melissa and Carlos. After a day of offroading and gazing at waterfalls, we decided we’d set up camp for the night. The guys had a perfect spot in mind right on the edge of the lake, but access to this area required moving the electric fence that stood in our path. We noticed a herd of cows grazing just on the other side, but we proceeded anyway because afterall, what’s a cow going to do??
We crossed the fence, feeling one step closer to some R and R, when we saw him, his horns like radar, sensing danger right in our direction. It was a bull, a monstrous beast programmed to protect his herd from any threat. In these situations we’re cautioned to remain calm, make no sudden movements. Our reaction? RUNNNN!! The bull bucked and snorted after us as we wrecklessly sped from the pasture. We reached a tree lined clearing where we felt safe enough to dismount and breathe for the first time in what felt like minutes. We were terrified – shaken from the face-to-face encounter with a BULL.
A priority for setting up camp was to create a bull baracade. The guys positioned their bikes between trees in order to keep the herd at bay should they decide to wander in our direction overnight. We were safe, right? We couldn’t have been more WRONG! We were woken by the sound of cowbells, not in the distance but right in our campsite!! Hearts pounding, we kept as quiet and calm as possible knowing the bull was somewhere nearby. Carlos and Melissa had the courage to unzip their front door just enough to find the bull literally standing right in front of them!! He was staring right into their tent sensing movement and smelling the air to assess any potential danger to his herd. He must have decided we weren’t worth messing with and moved his herd beyond our campsite and over the hill.
This was our opportunity and we seized it. The herd had moved away from the pasture and we had clear access to the electric fence for what we knew would be a very limited time. Sure enough, just as soon as we were suiting up, the herd came back, the bull following up the rear and trapping us yet again. What were we going to do?! The fear set in again as the giant animal decided to stop in the middle of the road as if to say “just try me.” He even took a few steps towards us just to make sure we got his message and then followed after the herd. We were trapped.
A fruitless attempt to find another way out left us with only one option – ask the fisherman who happened to be nearby to rescue us! Rescue us he did, giving us a ride in his luxurious Porsche Cayan right past the bull. He didn’t even bat an eye! One problem still remained; we were out of harm’s way, but how are we to spring the bikes from danger?? After a coffee and a discussion about strategy, the guys decided they would go back in on foot – on FOOT!? It was a scene straight out of a fairytale – the valiant heroes facing their doom to save their damsels in distress. Woe is me!
I’ve learned not to doubt Jeff’s ideas, as crazy as they may be, because walking into the lion’s den turned out to be the best strategy. The bikes were rescued and the road to safety was free…we live to see another adventure!

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