Great Scott! All Saints Day

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With another interview under my belt, my visa application finally in the mail, and Lauren’s first week of school over, it is time to cut loose!

Lauren and I had a very enjoyable Friday night (Halloween) out at a small bar owned by one of Mabel’s Dutch friends. Darth Vader (the owner) chatted with us while the zombie chef served us cold cerveza and sangria. It was nice to finally relax! We had the opportunity to meet some new people and maybe even make a couple of new friends.

Though Friday night couldn’t be celebrated in the typical fashion (see below for a pic of our friend Alex…1.21 Gigawatts!), Saturday is All Saints Day.

True to tradition, this is a day filled with offerings remembering the dead. Naturally, our favorite way to remember the dead is to eat! Lauren and I stood in line to enjoy “la Castañada.” This is a traditional post-funeral meal that is typically comprised of only three foods:

1. Castañadas: Roasted chestnuts

2. El Boniato: Roasted sweet potato

3. Panellets: Small, delicious marzipan/almond cakes

On top of the delicious food, droves of people flock to cemeteries to pay their respects with colorful flowers that adorn nearly every headstone and/or memorial. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from going to see this…but we hear it is nice!

Since the rain persists, we’re continuing our pursuit of an apartment (inside of course), and we hope to maybe venture out to a museum or two today….tut tut!

Note: On the first Sunday of every month, many museums in Barce offer free admission!

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